Shih Tzu Behavior Problems | Solutions And Facts

 Who is Shih Tzu?

Shih Tzu is an Asian dog breed having big round eyes and a short snout. These are hypoallergenic, and they are almost 10 to 16 years. Their height is nearly 20 to 28cm. Their weight is nearly 4 to 7.2kg if they are adults. It is easy to observe problems in dogs when one owns one. Shih Tzu Behavior Problems could happen due to so many reasons. 

Nature of Shih Tzu:

Their nature is pretty good and friendly. You can find them alert, clever, intelligent, good-looking, loyal, intelligent, lively, and affectionate. But it is changing with time and this article is all about that why is it changing? And what are the causes of changing or how can you stop this negative change?

Colours of this breed:

They are available in many colours: black and white, brindle, liver, gold, blue, white, and black. They are usually living in China, South Asia.

Problems of this breed:

People who own this breed may know everything about this breed. Their nature is friendly, but there are some problems too that the owner should have known about it. If they don’t address these problems on time, it will be dangerous for the dog, its owner, and the people around the breed. Shih Tzu Behavior is changing too, no matter how well you have trained them. They get changed, and this change is not something positive and good. 

Why is this breed behave in such a negative way?

First of all, we all need to understand why such a breed that’s nature is amiable and goodwill reacts in such a negative way? As we all know about Alpha is one that controls Shih Tzu and is as inspector. This breed always has the DNA of their pack alpha, who used to lead them and manage them. So no matter how professionally you trained them. Some day they will show their DNA colour, and if you don’t address the problem on time, you will repent.


  • How do we get to know that dogs are behaving differently? 

Well, Shih Tzu is not a breed that can take any wrong behavior from their owners, and if their owners treat them like they are no one or not so important, they also are upset when they don’t get food on time. All these minor problems can create a big problem in a pet’s behavior. And lots of people don’t take the changing behavior seriously because they are not aware of the destruction it can cause. 

  • Secondly, owners know about problems, but they don’t know what to do or stop this? 

Being an owner, you can stop a dog’s problem. Shih Tzu behaviour problems are something that you should take seriously. Otherwise, you will have to be ready for chaos. 

Spotlight Shih Tzu Behavioral problems:

There are lots of reasons that can cause problems in your dog. And almost every pet owner surely experiences this once in their life. But don’t worry, you are not some in this. As we said, every pet owner means everyone who owns a pet should know about this. 

  • Anxiety About Separation: 

When a Shih Tzu Behavior Problems Anxiety is at home, it is now no longer unusual for them to revel in loneliness, boredom, and stress. It may be distressing to sense isolation. There are, fortunately, matters you may do to assist your infant in altering and discerning more excellent safe. 

  • Barking too much:

 This behaviour is brutal to repair if your Shih Tzu Behavior Problems Anxiety Bichon is in particular outspoken. Other puppies or visitors can also add function triggers, however a few Shih Tzu bark at apparently insignificant matters. You can train your doggy or canine to be quiet by following a few easy instructions. 

  • Picky eaters:

Some Shih Tzu puppies and puppies can tell you precisely what they need to consume. However, they might not let you know! Revolving flavour buds is a not unusual place hassle that could reason human beings to devour just a few bites or refuse to consume entirely. This problem is concerning, but it’s also a behaviour that does not get addressing.



Solving these Shih Tzu Behavior Problems:

  • Feeding: 

Shih-Tzu-Behavior-Problems-Solutions-And-FactsAlways devour earlier than you feed your Shih Tzu. You have to thoroughly forget about him, irrespective of how a great deal he sits and begs, regardless of how difficult he stares at you with the eyes of the one. He’ll sooner or later find out that pleading has no gain for him. Place your dog’s bowl together along with his meal immediately; you’ve to go into detail as to his feeding vicinity as soon as you’ve completed eating. Everything is quality if he finishes his dinner proper away


  • Trying to draw interest:

Shih-Tzu-Behavior-Problems-Solutions-And-FactsOther sports you could do to your combat for Shih Tzu Behavior Problems supremacy earlier than, during, and after the feeding time education include: interest seeking. This one can be simply as emotionally tough to cope with because of the feeding time education was. You have to forget about your Shih Tzu every time he begs, leaps up at you, or begins off evolved barking, whining, or weeping on your interest or a treat, turning away and averting eye contact. It may also seem cruel. However, don’t forget it is a step towards your Shih Tzu’s pleasure. You have to be the centre of interest and get hold of all treats in your very own phrases.

  • The Threshold’s First Across:

shihtzu-Thresholds-First-Across.It is the Alpha’s privilege to undergo the entryway first while leaving or getting into the den. So, if you are going on a stroll together along with your Shih Tzu, make sure you are the only one who walks thru the door first and your Shih Tzu trails in the back of you. When followed via way of means of your Shih Tzu, do that for all exits and entrances. It can also appear like a minor detail. However, it is going in a protracted manner towards setting up your dominance.

  • Bypass it:

Bypass-itAllowing your Shih Tzu to stroll in front of you isn’t an excellent concept while you are out walking. Make him stroll along with you, or barely in the back of you, if possible. You’ll want to hold him on a brief leash till he has the same opinion to do it freely. Make it obvious which you are the only one who decides which to walk and wherein route to go. Turn round and stroll inside the contrary manner if he starts to tug at the leash. Whenever he pulls, and with repetition, he’s going to research his area is via way of means of side, and he’s going to comply with you round on a slacker leash without pulling.

  • You’re the boss:

If you operate all four procedures simultaneously, your Shih Tzu will admire you because the Alpha, and you may be the only one who makes all the pack’s choices. You decide while to eat, play, be aggressive, and terrifying. As a result, your canine could be happier and higher behaved, now no longer barking excessively or growling at, nipping, or biting people, children, different dogs, or different animals.

Some Important facts regarding Shih Tzu:

  1. An “imperial” or “teacup” Shih Tzu no longer exists, and unscrupulous breeders use those terms to indicate a little or big Shih Tzu. Housebreaking Shih Tzus is a challenge. Be consistent, and do not permit a domestic dog to run around the house unaccompanied till they have got training.
  2. The use of a crate may be advantageous. Because the air getting into the lungs doesn’t always get cooling as successfully as it’s miles in longer-nose breeds, the Shih Tzu is prone to warmth stroke. During hotter weather, hold them interior in air-conditioned rooms. 
  3. Brush and comb your Shih Tzu’s coat daily. It fast mats. Because of their small stature, Shih Tzus aren’t the most acceptable preference for families with babies or significantly younger children. 
  4. The Shih Tzu is vulnerable to dental troubles and inclines to cough and snore. While puppies of any breed can ingest their personal or different animals’ feces (coprophagia), the Shih Tzu seems to be specifically vulnerable to it. 
  5. Allowing the hassle to come to be a dependency is the worst aspect you may do. Keep a decent eye on your Shih Tzu Behavior Problems, and right now, wipe up any excrement.


A dog is a pack animal through nature, and its DNA carries lines of wolf ancestry. Every dog has an alpha, who is in the price of the complete packing meals distribution. He’d get his component first, after which the relaxation of the organization will invite him to sign up for in.

If a Shih Tzu is constantly misbehaving, it’s miles nearly frequently because he believes he’s the Alpha, and the relaxation of the family, which includes the owner, is his percentage. Examine this submit very well, and you may be capable of resolving all your Shih Tzu Behavior Problems quickly.


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