Hi. I’m Ahmad and I run things around here. At least that’s what I tell myself. In fact, I like to think I run just about everything everywhere. I’m told that’s normal for a Shih Tzu, but I still like to think I’m pretty special.

What you need to know about me – I’m 17 years old and I wear my age well. Sure, I don’t run around and bark as much as I did when I was a pup, but there is still a lot of life in this old guy.

I’m planning on going on a little adventure as soon as I figure out what it will be. Come back when you can to join in.

Also, I love to see pictures of other Shih Tzus so if you have any feel free to send them to mrshihtzu0@gmail.com if you want them to be featured on my website. Just be sure to say I have permission to put them on the site or I won’t be able to.